Access route to the Grignetta halfway between hiking and mountaineering, fun and spectacular at the end of a corridor surrounded by high walls.









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From Pian Resinelli (1280 m), climb to Rifugio Porta (1436 m, 20min by foot) then take the marked path to the right leading to Cresta Sinigaglia, we cut the corridor after 15min, difficult to miss it...

go up the bottom of the corridor as best we can, a few stuck blocks force small steps to climb until reaching the foot of a 1<sup>er</sup> wall that we climb directly (15min, II).

The higher the corridor splits into 2 branches: take the one of G (inscription in the painting "lemonsoda", a wave of dihedral lying down then slightly disintegrated steps rising to the foot of a small jump or it is better to ensure (1 no III disintegrated protected by an old brooch).

The higher the rock becomes healthy again, we always put our hands on it, but it is never difficult or exposed. We reach the 1<sup>er</sup>escapatory (cross-track, signs and markings) connecting the Cresta Sinigaglia to D and the Costa Cermenati to the left (downhill VN which we will use later).

Continue straight ahead without difficulty until you reach the foot of a 25 m wall, straightened up but riddled with large holds / steps and super rock (II+, relay down and up, pull one length but the climbers will do without rope - fall prohibited however).

Grass and rock steps on the left bank of the corridor then easily lead to the Bochetta dei Venti where you can reach the Sinigaglia cresta and then the summit (chains, a few passages a little above ground).

3h / 3h30 in total without running. Descent: by the costa Cermenati (VN, some chains at the beginning and then a difficult and eroded path, T3)<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._