The E ridge is considered to be the "normal track" of the Weisshorn. However, this name should not make you forget that this is a long and serious race.









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##Ascent # 7h From the Weisshornhütte (2932 m), take the path that joins the Schaliglestcher at the water intake that supplies the refuge.

Go up slightly, then cross horizontally towards the corridor coming from the breach located N of P.3145. Step on the rocks at the bottom of the corridor (slab on which a thin stream of water flows according to the season) and cross the first small bar in the stream (slippery, delicate if icy).

Follow a right ascending path which, after a hook about 50 metres to the right of the corridor, crosses it again to exit at the top of the rocky bar on the left (it is advisable to recognize the route until then the day before). Then climb up the snowy or stony slopes according to the season in the NNE direction without moving too far from the ridge on the right to come to rest, around 3470 m, on the slabs supporting a marked snowy shoulder.

Cross these slabs to the right as best you can to reach this shoulder. Climb up the snow shoulder (or scree to the left of the ridge, trail marks) and head left before the snowy ridge hits the wall towards an easy chimney (or flows a small waterfall) of 15 m that is climbed in a slight left ascent (cairn at the foot, spit ring at the top).

We reach a small rocky shoulder.

(2h) Cross a few metres to the left on the shoulder and reach an easy rocky coast that goes up more than 300 m to P.3914, the *Frühstückplatz* (many cairns and many traces of paths, avoid corridors on either side of the coast). Climb ridge E, initially rocky, by its wire, crossing five steep passages, the first of which (the *Lochmatterterturm*, a plate engraved at its base) has the most difficult step (3b). Around 4120 m we reach the foot of the snowy ridge, very tapered over about thirty meters.

The ridge is then wider and comes up against a 50 m snow and ice bump that can be bypassed (either to the right or left near the rocks) or crossed directly depending on the conditions.

Then join the ridge that reaches the top rocks that are approached rather to the right to reach the top of the Weisshorn (4506 m). ##Descending Two options: * By the same route in about 5 hours.

In this case, the rocky passages can be descended or descended in abseiling (sealed pins, abseils of 20 m maxi). * By [[roads/57994|N ridge]] in about 6 hours.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._