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[img=37100 right][/img][img=37101 right][/img] ## Approach Ascent to the Chardonnet refuge: enter the campsite and turn left after 50 m.

There, an obvious path leads to the refuge in 45min. From the refuge, continue the trail towards the Col du Chardonnet until you reach a marshy area after a short descent.

Cross the swamps about in their center to recover a well traced path in front of them.

Follow it by largely bypassing a chaos of blocks on the left to a small lake in front of the 3<sup>e</sup> dent, then cross this chaos by grassy areas (cairns) to join the scree block that is ascended to the foot of the 3<sup>e</sup> dent (the highest and most slender.

Do not engage too quickly in the blocks, it takes longer. The track starts in the centre of a kind of grey inclined slab shield, one spit is visible at 5.6m and another at 10m (12mm dores spits). GPS position of the track foot: 45.0344208721, 6.51259442791 or 45°02'03.9""N 6°30'45.3""E About 1h30 to 2h. ## Route L# | Easy or III | 40 m | Walk up from the left or climb the slabs (2-3 points). L# | 6c | 40 m | 6b/c then 6a then 6c.

Easy start then no slab block, more nice suite and passage of a small overhang.

The relay is on the right. L# | 6c | 40 m | 6c then 6a.

Technical and physical crossing then beautiful flight. L# | 6c/6a | 48 m | Beautiful length interspersed with turns, slab paver.

Do not stop at the chained relay but continue for 10 m: severe slab (6c) or just left points (6a).

Relay on the small turn, 2 unconnected studs. L# | 6b | 40 m | Superb length in stiff wall, cracks and slab. L# | 6b | 30 m | 5+ then 6b.

Departure by quiet crossing then a little bit of slab. L# | 6c | 30 m | Length in hook on the right, in slab and technical wall.

Do not stop at the chain relay in the middle.

Go back to the left. L# | 6c/7a | 25 m | Superb length all the way across to the right, on a very thin grey slab then horizontal and athletic curved crack.

The end is protected by 2 good pitons, no more need for friend as Mussato recommends in his topo.

Atmosphere guaranteed, bring the camera. L# | 5+/6a | 20 m | Transition length quite varied. L# | 6c | 25 m | Very nice crack length with an athletic overhang.

First point quite high. L# | 6b | 25 m | Technical and slab wall, very beautiful rock. ## Descent By rappelling into the track by R11, R9 then pulling to the left catch up with the chained relay of L7, then R5, chained relay in L4, R3, R2 by pulling to the right (clipping a point), R1. All relays are chains, except R1, max 45 m.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._