A long race of the wild Oisans which is regularly run in spring. The atmosphere is guaranteed.









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[img=128880 right]General view[/img] ##Approach By[routes/56220|the W side of the Col des Écrins]]: From La Bérarde, take the path, just after the chapel (if cleared of snow), on the left bank of the torrent des Étançons, heading N towards Le Châtelleret and Le Promontoire.

After crossing the torrent of Bonne Pierre, leave the Vallon des Étançons around 1870 m to go up to the right (E) the Vallon de Bonne Pierre.

Pass near the point on side 2294 m.

Without snow, join the imposing moraine and go up to its end (there are some bivouac sites here and there).

With snow, continue along a small valley, between the moraine and the S side of the Tête S de la Somme, which you must follow to its end (2900 m). In winter and spring, with good snow conditions, it is also possible to climb directly onto the Bonne Pierre glacier. The Mayer - Dibona corridor is visible on the right. ## Track [img=295408 right/] Pass the rimaye, rather on the right, around 3000 m.

Go up the 700 m of the corridor.

At first narrow, very exposed to rock falls over the first 200 m, pass a rocky kidney on the right (trunking) or on the left (bulging).

The slope is then wider, go up to the foot of the yellow tower (approx.

3600 m). Go up to the left under the yellow tower: - Either by passing through the rocks (a kind of spur slightly marked) on the right bank of the corridor (III, IV max). - Either by going up the chute until it hits a steep wall.

Go up a short trunking that goes to the left to join the slightly marked thread of the rocks mentioned above (do not engage in the right trunking). In both cases, reach the lower left corner of the last snow plate by slightly difficult rocks by climbing very slightly to the right and do not engage too early on steep spurs to the left (often followed variant, V+ engaged). Arrived at this last big snow plate, we are under the top wall.

Cross up to the left by rocks that are still not very difficult in order to find yourself on the left of the terminal wall, and reach the foot of a poor rock[images/30018/fr|vague corridor/chimney] (relay sheltered on a small breach on the left).

It's the only real length of the route.

Climb either this chimney (45 m, a step of V then III+, no point in place), or a few meters to the right a steep slab (pitons V+ or A0) by continuing very slightly to the left to reach the edge at a small gap. Once on the ridge, overcome a jump by a steep climb of 20 m (IV+, good pleasant rock, 2 cables stuck).

The ridge becomes more horizontal and much more deliquescent: go around the 1<sup>er</sup>gendarme by the left then follow the ridge or its flank N to the top of the Dome (III max). ##Descending By the[roads/53811|normal lane] of the Snow Dome and the [[roads/56220|Col des Écrins]].<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._