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## Rise From the hut Mittellegi remain on the edge of the ridge, the itinerary is very obvious.

the whole of the gendarmes is climbed (to circumvent them is not very easy).

unless some short climb often protected with spits, the difficulties are equipped in handrails.

More than 200 m especially after " Grosse Turm " (elevation 3689).

Since then, to rappel 20 m to reach the handrails, " the climbing " passes then slope N (a lot of environment). From the summit handrail still one or two protrusions then the ridge is knocked down (still grassy), to become snowy (much environment) up to the summit - we can eventually pass further down side S of the ridge to remain in the rock. Count 4 hours in good conditions. ##Descent By the edge S : from the top follow the edge in the direction of the S first more vertical.

remaining in the edge rappel several times (large chemicals or spits) allow to reach the Nördliche Eigerjoch (1 h 30-2 h 30).

Since then, always staying on the edge of the ridge or near NW slope, easy climbing (some spit or rings to protect) on an excellent rock (granite) allow you to reach the Südliche Eigerjoch in 1 h 30-2 h. From the pass, start a crossing in the direction of the S by avoiding cracks, a quick ascent allows you to reach the Monschjoch and finally the Jungfraujoch (train).

Count 4-5 h from the summit of the Eiger and more with mixed conditions. By [[routes/53029/fr|face W]] Please inform yourself about the conditions beforehand.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._