Point Lachenal has several climbing routes. The Contamine route is the first route opened in this face by André Contamine, Pierre Labrunie and Robert Wohlschlag on August 30, 1959.









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## Approach # 45min to 1h From the aiguille du Midi, descend the full ridge E to an altitude of 3670 m.

From there, cross the rim and head between the big Rognon and Lachenal Point.

Go down slightly on the Géant glacier and turn right immediately to reach the foot of the SE spur where the Contamine road is located. [img=290833 center]Pointes Lachenal : voie Contamine[/img] ## Track # 4-5h L# | 5b | | | The route starts to the right of a dihedral, with a small crack starting from a small platform. L# | 5b | | | Make a left hook to go through a wide crack and an easy area.

Then climb a small dihedral and win a quartz tack. L# | 5b | 40 m | On the right, a 40 m crack in 5 leads to the ridge.

At half this length, a variant by another crack on the left, then on the right leads to the same relay (same difficulty). L# | 4c | | | Then stay on the edge thread.

Join a large terrace on the right of a 50 m high slab wall.

(optional) L# | 6a+ | | Cross to the left to reach a crack that allows you to climb this wall (2-3 pitons in place). L# | 6a+ | | | End of wall, flakes and cracks, not very long. L# | 4b | | | Continue through the beautiful crack in the extension of the relay. L# | 4b | | | Continue diagonally to the left by 1 or 2 lengths. The last relay is a few metres below the summit ridge, which is reached by easy rocks. ## Descent 2 possibilities : 1.

To rappel down to the face.

An independent line of 6 recalls is equipped with seals and chain.

It is located to the right of [[roads/57728/fr/pointes-lachenal-harold-et-maud|Harold and Maud]] and to the left of the Contamine road.

Some abseils are very long (50 m), especially the first 2 or 3 which are rather diagonal. 2.

Climb with the bags.

From the top, we descend a short steep slope to the N (often in ice at the end of the season).

Then easily reach the Aiguille du Midi.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._