Even if the climbing is neither very long nor very hard, the Pilier Chèze offers a high mountain route that has become classic in a fabulous setting and a very healthy rock.









FATMAP difficulty grade



img=286262 right]Replat Head S - Cheze Pillar[/img] ## Approach # 2:30 to 3:00 From the Châtelleret refuge, take the path that leads up to the Replat.

Once you pass the rocky bar that you go around to the left (and not straight ahead as shown on the IGN map), you come to a flat spot that you cross to the right to return to the Têtes du Replat.

Then notice a red pillar rising in the S side of the S side of the S side of the Replat Head.

To reach it by sight through some snow and scree.

From there, locate a spit with a strap: it is the start of the modern road ([[roads/57107|Replat c'est Beau]]).

The track goes just below in ascendancy to the right in bleachers. ## Track # 3am to 5am L# | Wide and easy corridor in ascent on the right.

Escape through the small spur in III on its right (2 peaks).

Relay on strap in place. L# | Continue the small spur in ascent to the right, then go straight up (IV, peaks).

Relay on jammers a few meters above, a little to the right and left of a corridor.

L1+L2 = approx.

50 m L# | Join the wire of the main edge, relay on a grommet on the wire (III) L# | Cross to the right (E) of the wire, then go straight up (IV) and back on the wire (IV) after passing a relay.

Many peaks.

Relay on 2 pins on the left (W) of the wire. L# | Cross to the left, return to the wire through an easy lane (III), take the wire to the next gap (IV, peaks); relay on concrete.

Beware of the draw! L# | Avoid the first tower to the right, join the line and follow it to the top of the gendarme; relay on béquet. L# ||Cross the gendarme, go up the magnificent red slab and after a few blocks (III) relay at the top of the pillar (pile of straps in place). Continue along the summit ridge without difficulty. ## Descent # 2:00 to 3:00 Go down by the normal route: easy and fast N ridge to reach the Col du Replat.

Notice a series of cairns just before the rocky bars of the pass (slope E) which mark an easy path to reach the last snowfalls and then the path through the scree (many cairns) which lead back to the ascent path.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._