Very nice race, long, aesthetic, in various terrains: snow, rock, a little ice. Magnificent views of the Meije.









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## Approach From the Promontory refuge (3082 m), walk on the Étançons glacier and head towards the Meije breach.

Climb the slope resulting from the breach on its left side (snow and bad rock depending on the snow cover). At the breach (3367 m) cross to the right (NE) and go down towards the Meije glacier always to the right (traces of path, fragile rocks), then pass the rimaye by the right. ## Track Easily cross the Meije Glacier towards the W towards a characteristic snowy slope bordered on the right by a snow or ice ridge.

Depending on the conditions, climb this ridge (35/40°) or this slope (40/45°) to reach a flat spot (about 3600 m). [img=134446 right/] Head towards the NE edge of the rake.

Go around the first gendarme on slope N while staying on the snow.

Cross the rimay to access a slab to the left of a crack (3c, 1 piton) to access a small gap (relay above the crack).

Gentle in case of low snowfall due to glacial retreat. Climb a small steep wall (3b) and then the solid rocks from the aerial ridge to the antecime (2b and 3b, 1 piton). Cross a snowy saddle and then climb the summit ridge easily and in good rock. ## Descent From the top, descend the ridge to the snowy saddle and then take the[[roads/54279|S Ridge]] (snow and solid rocks) to the Breche du Râteau (3235 m). #### Return to the Bérarde 2 solutions : - If the corridor on slope E is snow-covered, go down this one (delicate at the beginning and which heats up very quickly).

First a few steep rocks then snow at 40/45°, then 30°.

Rarely in conditions. - If the E slope corridor is cleared of snow or too soft (risk of falling rocks), de-escalate the rocky corridor towards the Selle glacier (15 m abseiling, if equipped).

Cross the Selle glacier towards the SW by bypassing the Tête N du Replat.

Easily climb up the glacier towards the SE to the Col du Replat.

At the pass (3335 m), de-escalate the rocky corridor on slope E and then abseil down (20 m equipped on the right of the corridor).

Then go down towards S then E (cairns then path) until you reach the Chatelleret refuge. #### Return to Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans Cross the Selle glacier towards the W, follow the path that leads back to the Selle refuge and then descend the Selle valley.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._