Route mainly in mixed, similar to the edge Forbes in the Chardonnet.









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[img=369557 right]Trazado d ela rista de Flèche rousse[/img] ## Access # +850m / 2h30 From the refigo, follow towards the NE the tubes of water catchment (yellow points) to reach then go up the moraine of the Glacier of Améthystes that imamcaos towards 3100 m (45min). ascend orilal right, pass under the corridor in Y and continue until the base of the first of the 3 gendarmes that dominate to the aizerda (N) the Pass of Tour Noir and the eincio d ela rista of Flèche Rousse (À 3450 m of altitude). ## Via # +300m / 3-5h Enter the slope that goes up to the N, stay to the left to reach a corridor that allows you to reach the edge of the ridge in a small hill (3618 m).

be careful to the risk of falling stones if several ropes enter at the same time. After drawing a pinnacle Saleina slope (right), pass a mixed ledge and arrive soon at a landing followed by a large rocky bastion.

Do not let yourself be attracted by the bastion by the right, but go down Améthystes slope a corridor of repellent aspect on 20-30 m, pass to the right, then go up again opposite another corridor on the SE slope until you reach the edge (delicate rock). Take the cornices and the blocks Saleina slope (200 m in right ascent) to reach the edge at the foot of a rocky ledge. Pass Améthystes slope and cross almost flanking in easy mixed terrain but sometimes somewhat exposed until you reach a wide snowy corridor that borders the crest below.

we can also follow the edge (steps 3 + aesthetic typical granite) and cross to the left higher, at the level of a cornice, then you see the snowy corridor to the left. Go back to the easiest way the arch corridor until you come across a rocky ridge marked by a chimney and a fissure 5 m further to the right. Follow the wide left chimney (somewhat exposed athletic exit, 4+?, good platform to mount the meeting, old visible tape).

we can also oblique after some meter in the chimney in a cornice / fissure on the right top of a plate to reach the right fissure that we go up (small embedded blocks), or go up integrally (3+). Continue on an easy rock until you reach the summit of Flèche Rousse (3879 m), avoiding a rocky outcrop on the left. Rappel 15-20 m slope N in a smooth protrusion (rope hoop).

Destrepar some tiers sometimes somewhat vertical and exposed (a small abseil of 5-6 m to pass a plate), up to a wide hill (exit of the corridor in Y). We then easily follow the edge up to the top of the needle of Argentière. ## Descent ### For the Milieu glacier # 2-3h for the refuge Continue on the ridge for 100 m after the summit, then descend the snow slope to the left (40-45°) until a landing.

Remain left bank until the glacier widens, then before a more tormented stretch, cross towards the right bank to reach the bottom of the glacier. cross the moraine to the left under the terminal tongue and by a good path (milestones), arrive at the refuge of Argentière without going down too much. We can also, to save time, go directly to the Argentière glacier without going through the refuge zigzagging between the rocky bars under the glacier (rather to the left).<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._