Beautiful edge in mountain terrain with a lot of atmosphere and a beautiful environment.









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##Access From Morcles, follow the road in the direction of Martinaux, and park as far up as possible, just before the (closed) barrier.

Follow the marked path that leads to Riondaz (1 h 30).

Eventually, the [[waypoints/111564/fr/cabane-de-la-tourche|cabaña de la Tourche]] allows you to spend the night, but only saves an hour of walking.

For those who don't have a car, it's worth it. From Riondaz, reach the Collado Champion (located between the Roc Champion and the ""petite Dent de Morcles"").

2 alternatives : * By the road leading to the Grande Dent de Morcles and the large cornice above.

From Riondaz follow the path marked in the direction of Grande Dent de Morcles.

about 2215 m take the path above (Grande Dent de Morcles).

under the Petite Dent de Morcles we cross a first large cornice at 2585 m with a well marked path.

is the "Grande Vire Dessous" that leads to Col des Martinets (and at the beginning of [[routes/53902/fr/petite-dent-de-morcles-la-forteresse-du-vide|la Forteresse du Vide]]), pass the last route ([[routes/282762/fr/petite-dent-de-morcles-fleur-de-pierre|Fleur de pierre]]), red markings, and just then climb a 50 m easy climb (II, bleachers) to reach the Champion cabbage. * By the corridor that arrives directly to the ""col Champion"", remaining to the left to the beginning (ascending) of that one, in grass and stones.

The rest of the ascent is more rocky, but easy.

A slightly more technical step (10 m) just before reaching the pass. ##Climbing From Col Champion, the ascent of the same tooth starts a few meters to the right of the ridge (II-III), then continues in a small reddish corridor until you reach a cleft glacial side of Martinets. climb straight up to a triangular plate that we climb through a wide fissure on the right (III, some python, meeting at the end). we arrive at the "Pouce", a large violin rock, which we avoid on the left.

continue vertically by steps (easy but with lots of pebbles) to the foot of the somital cliff. to arrive to the right to a beautiful dihedral-chimney that we climb (III-IV, 2 pythons), the delsplome that closes is avoided crossing to the right to arrive at the ridge, meeting up (spit). Then follow the ridge to the summit (sometimes very slippery). ##Descent Follow the abundant marks (red paint) that crosses up to the base of the Grande Dent (some traces and cornices) then go down to Riondaz.

A small roundtrip (3/4 hour roundtrip) through the Grande Dent de Morcles allows you to complete that day pleasantly.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._