A nice itinerary in the middle mountains, not very difficult but exposed and aerial. The abseiling can be avoided and the climbing steps are on a good, straight rock.









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##Approach From Le Sauvage (parking, ~1200m), take the track leading to the Col de la Plagne du Mont, at the W du Mont Chauffé. ##Crossing From the pass, continue eastwards along the path down to Ubine.

At the clearing starting at 1548 m, leave the path and take a path on the right towards the ridge.

It runs alongside fence posts.

It runs along the communal boundary, N slope from the beginning of the ridge, very rounded at the beginning with forest (Petit Chauffé W, good path at the beginning then less marked). Follow the edge by a path that follows its thread (quite horizontal and grassy at first).

Finally, we find the rock 40 to 50 m before reaching the Pas du Chien (more technical and aerial passage).

This can be crossed either by a rappel (two pads) or by descending to the N side via a small path equipped with a cable sealed by several good anchors (surely the safest and fastest solution). Arrived at the breach (possible escape by pouring S), go up the next jump on face S (wall rather wide and high, 3 max, fractured rock protecting itself well).

Continue to follow the ridge, which is quite steep but not very difficult (2, or even a few very short passages of 3, which can sometimes be avoided from the right).

To start from the 3<sup>e</sup>break after the Dog Jump, a small more technical passage may require attention (3).

Finally, follow the easy ridge to the top. ##Descending From the top of Mont Chauffé (cairn), go down first full S.

Aim for a well marked cairn on the spur, then take the grassy corridor on the right.

Go down it by crossing it and reach a grassy/rocky spur, the junction point with a second corridor.

Do not take it, but stay in the initial descent lane.

Cross it down on the left.

From the summit, if the corridor on the S is snow-covered, it is possible to continue 15 m on the summit ridge towards the E and take the S at that time.

We then reach, by a small de-escalation, the cairn well marked on the spur.

Make the most of the grassy/stone slope at the foot of the Mont Chauffé summit bastion.

2 possibilities : - Descent by the Ferraillon corridor: reach on the right hand a rather well marked path in the wide Ferraillon corridor.

Go down this corridor as best as possible by the scree block.

At the bottom of the scree, take the 1<sup>re</sup>track to the right and follow it, neglecting a first fork that goes up to the right, not very obvious.

She's taking us back to the parking lot. - Descent via the ESE ridge of Petit Chauffé E: pass in front of the Chevenne corridor exit, and join the ESE ridge.

Follow it (path, sometimes steep, rather sloping S) to the foot of the Petit Chauffé E.

It is then possible to continue along the ridge to the chalets de la Raille and join them, or to follow the path that goes down to the S by grassy slopes (pass a small corridor between the bars).

This path starts before the first trees that are below the ridge.

It matches the GPS track.

Then easily reach the Raille track.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._