Track from Sairon chair and Chalet d'Clair to the Lanches chair, for direct access to the Tête des Saix from Morillon









An easy, gentle track.

It is worth doing simply to go through the 15 metre corrugated tunnel which burrows under the Stade run so as not to interrupt the racing! Cutting across several pistes (skiers coming in from the right-hand side) there is a 'SLOW DOWN' sign at the approach to the tunnel.

The snow in the tunnel is often bumpy due to beginners who initially try to turn to slow themselves down, so take it easy as picking up speed through the tunnel is difficult not to do.

The arrival is also a track, through the trees and very gentle.

Keep an eye out to the right for off-pisters coming down the ex-Lanche black run, the lower half which has become the Pacoty red, and also for those fall-liners coming down the new Lanche run into the chair take off point.

Other skiers will be coming to meet the chair departure point from in front as well, via the Chars blue.

Now zip up and put on your face masks - it is worth noting that this is one long, cold chairlift which is on the north side of the ski area.