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##Skiing up From Les Hières, or in the spring of Valfroide, or even a little further away, between the hamlets of Le Pramailler and Le Clot, at the end of the trail at 1878 m, go up NE in the mountain pastures; we arrive around 2200 m at the foot of the exposed raidillon S du Grépon, often in hard snow that we overcome; above, we find a little below 2500 m the very recent refuge du Goléon (opened on 23/06/08) which allows to stop the race. Then go down a few meters on the lake of Goléon, go along the right bank and continue in the bottom of the Maurian valley first very flat towards NNW.

We pass by the old Carraud refuge.

We then turn NW to head towards the Lombard glacier which we attack the left bank (the most N branch, the least steep slope) leaving to the right the valley leading to the Lombard pass; by a wide turning movement, turn W then SW then S the track to go up, still by gentle slopes towards the ridge coming from the summit.

It is most often reached about halfway up the 3236 m high pass just to the left of the Grenier beak and the summit itself, around 3300 metres.

Skis will usually be left there.

All that remains is to walk up the mixed rocky ridge, which is quite easy (a little over 100 m of difference in altitude). There are several variants, of increasing difficulty, to reach the ridge closer to the summit from the glacier, through short but steep corridors. ##Summer ascent From the Valfroide car park, at the end of the track, take the path that goes up the lock of the Grépon to the lake and refuge of the Goléon.

Go along the shore of the lake and continue in the Arctic landscape (unique biotope in the French Alps, protected Natura 2000) of the Maurian valley.

We pass by the old Carraud refuge, then we pass a rough scree (cairns), before going up along a waterfall to the NW and the foot of the Lombard glacier.

When you leave the Lombard Pass to your left (between the southern Arves needle and the eastern Saussaz needle), you should cross a stream at best.

At the beginning of the season, it is covered with a snow.

When you reach the bottom of the glacier, and the NW edge appears, two options. - Locate the pass to the left of the Bec Grenier, and reach it by gentle glacial slopes, and climb up the entire NW ridge, initially easy and quite horizontal before it rises (no II). - Locate a snowy corridor that joins the NW ridge in its final, reach it directly by steeper glacial slopes. ##Descending By the same route.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._