Beautiful circuit to reserve for the doubtful periods of the snowpack. After a first descent from the foot of the Broken Finger, crossing to reach the Vallon de Cœur at the level of the Pierre Fendue.









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####Mounted under the Broken Finger From Le Lintre shortly after the start leave the road / track of the Flée bridge and follow on the right the forest track towards Couterre.

After Couterre take again a track on the right around 1220 m and arrive at the alpine pasture of La Frète.

After crossing a curtain of fir trees, find a large clearing, cross it from bottom to top and after a walk in the forest find the traditional snowshoeing route from Deramey.

Reach quickly the alpine pastures and chalets of Mayère at 1560 m.

From Mayère take the SW direction to reach the chaos of rocks under the Broken Finger, stop in case of suspicious snow conditions before the ravine around 1680 m. ####Descending Go down the vast SE slope towards the Grange Ville mountain pasture at 1390 m, pull full S at the end before arriving on the mountain pasture trail leading to Marcolez ####Traverse Undertake a long crossing towards the Pierre Fendue at 1400 m.

Follow the itinerary of the summer path.

The passage under the Lanchéron and the cascade of the Fours can present some difficulties depending on the snow conditions.

In case of a high risk of avalanches, do not hesitate to cross lower from the Marcolez to the Charmette mountain pastures via the Praéros mountain pastures (less obvious route). ####Montée aux Fredys From Pierre Fendue climb up to Le Frédys following generally the summer trail not very visible in winter under the snow.

Reach a promontory on the top of the Freddys at 1750 m at the foot of the Besses ridge.

####Final descent From the Feddys go down the vast NE slope towards Les Joux corresponding to the ski route indicated on the IGN map.

Many micro reliefs on the first third of the descent.

Des Joux at 1300 m continue in a small clearing in the forest before reaching a track (not indicated on the map) arriving at the bridge crossing the torrent de Cœur.

From the bridge join the Pont de la Flée by the track and after a short ascent, the starting point at Le Lintre.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._