Smith Hill offers a more challenging top pitch for beginners before flattening out and joining Keystone or Houston.









Smith Hill used to be home to small Nastar course.

Take a left from the top of the Red Lady Express onto Peanut and look for the sign for Smith Hill.

The top section is a little steeper for most beginner skiers, so do this trail once you are comfortable with the Houston, Poverty Gulch, and Mineral Point trails.

There is a really popular early season cliff (5-10 feet) in the woods on the skier's right about 20 yards off the trail before it rolls over.

There is a little bit of ungroomed area where you can find soft snow on the skier's left of the trail where the intermediate Tulsa trail joins Smith Hill.

The trail becomes lower Smith Hill as it flattens out and is joined by Kubler.

You can continue left to Lower Keystone, a green, or straight ahead to Houston, a green, and the Painter Boy Lift.

You can also access Smith Hill from the Silver Queen Express or Paradise Express by skiing Keystone/Upper Park to Roller Coaster and looking for a traverse into the woods on the right before the trail rolls over and then crossing under the Red Lady Express.