Steep narrow south facing chutes.


Analysing terrain data








A-Z Chutes, various chutes across the south facing ridge located between Three Moons and Parachute, most of these have very technical entrances and are not for a nervous skier! Experts only! They can require side stepping in narrow rocky terrain and even then a possible straight line to an air.

It is rare these chutes hold enough snow and are open, but typically the best time to ski them is in the spring during the freeze thaw cycles.

If looking for adventurous line give it a try, but be prepared for an audience as the tram line will be watching.

Best way to ski these is to scout your line from the bowl pick out some land marks then go hike the ridge, as a precaution things will look much different from the ridge and if you really want to ski these then it is best to hike until you find and entrance that goes and ski that one.

Be sure to check the sign to see if they are open before you drop in.