An easy cat track through the woods that accesses Poverty Gulch, Mineral Point and Smith Hill from the Red Lady Express and the Teocalli Lift.









Kubler is an easy cat track trail that runs off of Bubba's Shortcut from the Red Lady Express and the top of Teocalli Lift.

As you go down Kubler you'll see Poverty Gulch, another green trail, on your right and you'll soon cut right through the Mineral Point trail, another green run.

You can continue on Kubler through the pine forest and it joins Smith Hill, another green run, about halfway down the Smith Hill trail.

You can dip off onto some of the trails on your right deeper into the woods if you are brave.

Some of them will take you back on to Mineral Point or just lead you into flats.

There is a summer bike trail that is skied often by locals in the early season and joins Houston by the Painter Boy Lift.

Ski it if you like small jumps and skiing on a tight trail.