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## Climbing From Cavaione Bastian locality m 1485 follow the road that enters the Val dal Saent following the signs for Pescia until near the locality Mafisciöi.

At an altitude of 1760 m, deviate from the road and in the direction of NNW, going up through meadows, you reach another road.

Follow it on the right until 1900 m.

On the left, take a small secondary road that allows you to shorten the climb.

Follow it passing through the hairpin bend at 1982 m altitude.

This brings you to the Li Piani mountain hut, 2093 m. Climb up the meadows immediately to their upper edge, then you have to overcome a steep stretch of about 40 m / height difference (attention!) to enter a gentle valley to follow in the direction of NW.

This leads to the saddle known as the Three Crosses 2348 m.

Bend to NNE to climb the wide ridge in the direction of the altitude 2459 m.

Now follow, in the direction N, the ridge up to the summit of Corn dal Solcun m 2514, reachable without particular difficulty skiing on foot. ## Descent For the same itinerary. ### Recommended variant Once you have left the Li Piani meadows, follow the main road in the direction of the E until the first hairpin bend (altitude 1976 m); here, continuing straight on, you enter a fantastic little valley of sparse woodland that leads to the Bratascia meadows, at the end of which you resume the road in the direction of the SW and the traces of ascent.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._