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[img=210959 big right] D - Charvet by the Miaz, from the Confins (Z)[/img] ##Crossing and climbing From the Confins car park, take the road that crosses at the foot of the combe du Grand Crêt in the NE direction.

Shortly before the chalets of Paccaly, cross to the right and cross horizontally a small forest (road).

Leave the forest in the lower part of the combe de Paccaly, which you have to cross by going up a little to reach the chalet de Paccaly d'En Haut.

Continue towards the NE and, after a slight descent followed by a horizontal portion (vernes), go up to the right until you reach a flat spot (located at the foot of the Tardevant valley).

Cross as best you can towards the N (lapiaz) to leave the combe de Tardevant, pass a ridge and continue almost horizontally until a flat then very slightly uphill so as to pass a ridge that you have to descend again at the foot of the combe de la Grand Forclaz.

Here, it is better to go down so as to pass at the bottom of a steep slope (possibility also to pass through the slope above a few rocks but there is a delicate and steep passage further on).

Once you pass the rocks from the Mamule. Go up to the right in the valley of Mt Charvet and reach a ridge on the right of the bifid summit of Petite Miaz.

Then cross into an orientation slope S above a basin and climb the slope to the left to a horizontal portion. Continue to the N, go down slightly before attacking the S slopes of Mt Charvet (steep passage, possibly with crampons).

In heavy snow, the rocky bar below the summit is snowy enough to pass straight through.

Otherwise, pull to the right to find a rocky passage (III, ski depot at the foot of the passage) that gives access to the summit. Variant: around 2000 m in the valley of Mt Charvet, pull left and climb up the slopes of the right bank giving access to Face W. ##Descending Either by the same route, or by the valley of Petite Miaz: At the bottom of the S side of Mt Charvet, go down to the W by pulling to the left to avoid some rocks until you reach a flat spot.

From there, continue to the right to reach a beautiful orientation slope W.

Lower it down and join the ascent valley. Then, either take the ascent route (put the skins back on to pass under the valley of the Grande Forclaz), or go down to Bombardellaz: go down at the very bottom of the valley of Mt Charvet to a horizontal section that you have to cross towards the SW.

Continue in this direction to reach a small valley that must be descended and that gives access to the passage giving access to the chalets of Bombardellaz.

From there, either cross horizontally to the Marked Stone and reach the starting point by a path, or go down to the SW to join a forest path and then horizontally (cross-country skiing trail) passing near chalets (the Gollet, the Plan) and then go back to the car park. ##Hiking comment * The T4 rating concerns the part of the 2403 m pass at the top (face S).

For the rest, it is a trail ride, more or less marked in the Charvet valley.

There is no big difference with the ski itinerary (direction, crossing, ascent). * Return by the same route without going through the valley of Petite Miaz. * Possibility to go down by the W side.

From the top, follow the red markings, first in the rocky part, then find a path on the grassy slopes, pass to the left of point 2195 m.

The path then winds its way through a short rocky area, without any difficulty. To find, around 2000 m, the path of ascent in the valley of Charvet. * Little frequented due to the distance from the car park (quite long crossing) <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._