FATMAP difficulty grade



##Ascent On the road to the Tseuzier dam, put on your skis in Les Rousses.

Follow the ski slope 300 m then follow a road on the right, pass under the chairlift line and climb a small wooded valley and arrive at a flat, at 1900 m.

Continue through this valley, between the mountain pasture and a large scree up to 1900 m.

From there, go + or - flat, NW, 2000 m altitude.

Reach the beginning of the Andean county. Go up this valley to the small pass 2520 m above sea level.

Direction N, slightly NW let itself slide to the bottom of a bowl.

Turn left, direction NW, pt 2678.

Turn left again to reach the Selle, 2709 m.

Follow the wide ridge to the top 2893 m. The second summit, 2884 m, cross and large cairn, magnificent panorama on the Bernese Alps, Valaisannes and Mont Blanc and a plunging view on the Rhone Valley. ##Descending * By the same route. * Or by the NE side directly under the summit, which allows you to enjoy a more homogeneous descent (rating 3.2 in this case).<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._