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[img=157406 right]The Buet Normal Track and the Hollow Cow[/img] ##Ascent Start from the bottom of the slopes next to the Hotel du Buet.

Pass to the right of the small ski lift. Go up the right bank of the Eau de Bérard, then left bank from the pont de la Vordette.

Follow the bottom of the valley on the left or right bank, generally following the snow cover, to the Pierre à Bérard 1924 m refuge, which is very often invisible, covered with snow and leaning against a large rock. Then go into the steeper ESE slopes leading first below the Salenton Pass.

Cross in slight ascent in flank E under the Salenton needle to reach a mini-col around 2540 m.

Continue along the SE flank until about 2700 m. Then go into steeper S slopes again by targeting the radio relay at 3048 m.

To avoid the steep slope do not go to the relay but go around and reach the summit via the SE flank. ##Descending By the ascent route.

Once below the Col de Salenton, various options are available in the many small valleys, beware of many small rocky bars.

For the bottom of the valley of Bérard take the right bank, this passage generally reserves a small part of ski-combat between the vernes. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._