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##Ascent **By the valley of Bouchet (Le Grand Bornand). Follow a path on the right bank of the Borne, which rises in the forest and passes through the Chalets de Plattuy. A little above, cross the stream and reach the Planet Plateau.

From there, there are two ways to reach the Gramusset refuge: **1-** by W slopes dotted with bars: first rise to the left, then straight ahead, and gradually return to the left and directly to the refuge.

The conveyor cable is used for orientation.

, **2-** either by going up towards the Oulette pass then by returning to the right on the refuge. Continue in the same direction through a wide valley, the Combe des Verts.

Exit either at the top left 2595 m, at the very foot of the rocks of the S ridge of the Pointe Percée (more interesting) or in the axis of the valley, at the Col des Verts 2500 m, the lowest point of the ridge. ##Descending **On the valley of Bouchet (Le Grand Bornand): ** From the Gramusset refuge, walk along the rocky bars at the foot of Pointe de Chombas.

Keep the N side (beware of the few small rocky bars of one or two metres that cross the slope line towards the altitude of 1600 m) to reach the NE end of the Lanches de Lormay by a fairly steep slope but secured by fir trees and vernes (possible route also on the ascent). Another possibility exists if snow is absent from the rising forest but present on the left bank of the creek: Cross the stream at point 1256 and go up directly towards the base of the Meadows of Goats bars (almost in line with the Gramusset refuge).

The slopes are steep and it is sometimes necessary to take the crampons because this route is often used on the descent (the knives do not bite).

Climb about 600 m before arriving on a less steep part in which you can put on shoes.

Pass at the foot of the bar of Les Prés aux Chèvres and join the itinerary mentioned above just above the refuge. ####Variant by the Restroom : ##Ascent: **By the Restroom: follow the path of the Sommier d'Aval chalets and continue on the plateau until Sommier d'Amont.

Continue along the path that soon leaves the axis of the stream.

At the base of the upper slopes, (around 1442 m) turn right to pass through the Oulettaz pass, located at the base of Pointe Percée, and join the Combe des Verts where you can find the route from Le Grand Bornand. ##Descending: **On the Rest area: take the ascent route from the Gramusset refuge, then go down directly, along the Pointe de Rouelletaz, and finish with the ravine of the Col de l'Oulette.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._