The normal way of the Aiguille Verte!


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#### Approach from the Lid refuge # 2 at 3am [img=551320 right]The Whymper corridor at the Aiguille verte (2)[/img] From the refuge, go up directly towards the N by bypassing the Aiguille du Moine and following the Ecclesiastics ridge quite closely in order to avoid the crevasses and seracs of the Talèfre glacier to the foot of Whymper. #### Route # 2 at 4h + 30min ridge Cross the rimaye by the right and go up the small secondary corridor.

Exit this corridor on the left on the spur to join the main corridor that descends from La Grande Rocheuse.

Go up to 3650 m and cross to the left on the main corridor that leads directly to the Col de la Grande Rocheuse, separating the Aiguille Verte from the Aiguille de la Grande Rocheuse (2 to 4 hours, 3950 m).

Then follow the ridge to the top (30min). #### Down ##### Through the Whymper Corridor From the summit, reach the Col de la Grande Rocheuse and enter the Whymper corridor.

Recalls are equipped on the left side of the corridor (rather at 60 m).

In the last 1/4 of the descent, pull left again (direction of descent) to reach a secondary lane, which leads to the rimaye.

Rappel equipped with left bank. Once on the Talèfre Glacier (very cracked), reach the Couvercle refuge by going up the right bank of the glacier and crossing under the Aiguille du Moine. ###### By the Monk's Ridge See [[routes/56802#descent|topo corresponding]].<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._