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[img=266401 right]Ruitor from Bonne (Valgrisenche) - Blue trail descent variant from the refuge[/img] ####Up From Bonne, follow the road towards the mountain pasture of Arp Vieille (2200 m).

Then follow flank S approximately following the itinerary of the summer route (path n°16).

On a steep slope (about 2650 m) oriented SW, access the unnamed pass at the Angeli refuge, the refuge is located slightly below on the other side.

Let the refuge on the right cross a slope E (risk of plaque) to reach the eastern Morion glacier at about 2950 m.

Cross this small glacier from above, more in solidarity with the main Morion glacier, to reach the upper basin.

Pull to the N by an almost horizontal crossing to bypass a spur to the S of the Ruitor pass.

Climb to the Ruitor pass (3373 m) by a first jump and a slope at about 35° under the pass often strewn with large rocks.

From the pass, go under the Defey hut (in ruins) to reach the top through the top of the Ruitor glacier (Versant la Thuile). ####Descending By the same route or by a corridor starting slightly below the Angeli refuge giving access to a large SE valley leading to the Arpettaz mountain pasture above Bonne. ######Variant descent to Cereal By the same route to the Ruitor pass then by the Morion glacier to Céré.

Check and identify before embarking on this descent the possibility of undertaking it and more particularly the end of the descent on the Béthaz / Céré from the Molliet (the end is visible from the road when going up to Valgrisenche).<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._