Wide open glacier type skiing.









Liberty Bowl, this is the easiest way off the tram and some days on firm slide for life conditions it can be considered a double black due to consequences.

However, what a beautiful run! Generally this is run is a must for anyone capable of skiing a challenging black, if nervous maybe get a guide for the first time down.

Conditions change day to day and hourly, be on the lookout for rocks, however, after past the snow fences should be clear for the most part.

Best way to enter this run is to stay close to the snow fences they catch the most snow and usually it is the cleanest line down to Liberty.

NOTE: If you find yourself on the Tram and nervous to the point you are shaking, don’t go and DO NOT, start then decide it’s not for you.

The most dangerous thing you can do is try to take your skis off and hike back up, both for the skiers below you and yourself.