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[img=124779 right]N side of the Great Colon[/img] ## Upward From Freydières, follow the "Quatre Chemins" road to the 1372 m parking lot.

Take the forest path towards Lac du Crozet and Refuge de la Pra (Shortly after leaving Freydières, turn left.

A good steep path avoids the flat road section on which you often have to remove your shoes.

We go to the next part above.) #### Round trip itinerary in the N face After many bends in the forest (around 1650 m), the path crosses to the SE on its side.

The N side is now visible. Once at its base, climb this large slope (35-40°) which gradually rises to reach a peak located in the middle.

Go around it to the right and exit easily on the summit plateau. #### On a loop through the E# Most classic access, which allows you to see the state of the face by passing by the foot Same itinerary in round trip to the foot of the N face. Continue until you reach Lac du Crozet, which you follow by its right bank (risk of avalanche from above).

After the lake, before the Col de la Pra. Turn right into the obvious valley, pouring E of the Grand Colon.

A saddle is reached around 2350 m.

The summit is reached by a SW crossing of about 200 m (in distance), passing on the ridge or on its S side. #### On a loop from the SE side via the Col de la Pra # + 1500m Same as on side E but continue until you reach the Col de la Pra. Go down again (with the skins) on the refuge and pass to the NW of the Roc de l'Hopital and direction Lac Merlat. From there, between the small bars, we cross the two intermittent streams that arrive in a V shape on the lake.

We go up the second one, and always crossing towards the W we reach a large flat around 2230 m at the top of the Colon, full W the combe even directly at the top of the corridor N. #### Looped through the W side Barns of Freydieres follow the road until the crossroads of the four roads.

Continue straight ahead to the S, and, before the paragliders leave (around 1420 m), to the Carriers hut, climb up the summer road to the Colon hut (1748 m also more nicely called "Habert du Rilou"). To gain the SW shoulder by crossing the large weir that follows, according to his inspiration, taking the greatest account of the condition of the snowpack.

If in doubt, continue to the S to avoid the funnel, then go up to the SW edge. As you approach the highest and narrowest point of the shoulder, cross to the left (about 100 m) to get on the top table of the Colon.

The top is there, at the end of the table! ## Descent From the central summit, pull to the N to reach the top of corridor N, to the W of the ridge that supports the true summit of the Colon.

Entering the corridor by passing to the right or left of a rocky tower is the steepest and narrowest passage. Go down the corridor, you can find the trace that goes up to Lake Crozet at its foot.

Follow it horizontally towards the W (GR), you enter the forest where a series of bends (often with stones that protrude) lead back to the forest road that goes down to Freydière. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._