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From Isola go up to the last parking lot of Mottaletta (1253 m) and reach the locality of Ca Raseri, junction of the main trips in Val Febbraro. Instead of crossing the bridge towards Pian dei Cavalli or the waterfalls of Salto del Nido, continue along the road that leads to the huts of Stabisotto (altitude 1560). From here climb up the slopes above the huts (westwards), reach the hut Rena share 2040, where with a crossing on bumps and valleys you reach the ridge that descends from Pizzo Latta, 2200, you go around it and head north in the direction of the obvious cone at the foot of the channel that descends from Piz di Pian. From 2500m where the cone begins, the gradients are around 30°-35° up to about 2760m, where the channel begins to narrow and become steeper (around 40°). When you reach the saddle (3120 m) (pay attention to the large frame that it throws on the north side), you attach the steep rocks to E (III), then for mixed terrain very exposed you reach a sort of antecedent, from here for sharp ridge (frames) and then for easier terrain you reach the main peak of NE 3158m.

(the cross probably fell in November 2014). from the saddle, the easier it is to reach the tip of SW 3149m.