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For the young at heart, Dick’s Ditch is possibly the best run on the mountain! This long gully runs from the middle of Lupine Way (just below the Gondola on the way to Amphitheater) all the way to the bottom of the mountain.

The once continuous gully is now separated by numerous cat-tracks making it easy to ski the Ditch section by section.

Section one from Lupine way is steep and usually full of moguls.

Section two is probably the most popular for it’s flatter, has plenty of jumps lining the gully walls, and borders the always popular Amphitheater.

The third section is plenty deep, with huge steep walls on either side of you.

The last section is the longest.

It begins at South Pass Traverse and snakes it’s way to the bottom of the mountain.

This section begins with a straight foreword deep gully, but it turns into a crazy bumpy ride down low.

Be ready to navigate a field of snowcapped boulders.

Depending on either your age or lifestyle, this run (the lower section in particular) is either the most fun in the world or a nightmare that’s hard to escape.