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## Climbing from Starleggia 1560m to continue for the jeepabile that brings in Val Starleggia; it is possible to arrive in car up to the bar, beyond that it is necessary the permission. In late season you can cut the hairpin bend after the bridge, by path.

When you reach the plateau of the valley you approach the huts of Morone 1850m, pass them and head for the Sancia Valley with a crossroads that leads to the water intake Edipower of Sancia 2010m.

We enter the valley basin pointing E towards the Cima de Verchenca, with a few hairpin bends we gain altitude, before getting too close to the summit, we turn south reassembling a first morainic ridge, then we cross the moraine on the flat always towards S pointing to the saddle where begins the ridge E of Pizzo Quadro.

To reach the saddle you have to go beyond a hump around it preferably on the right but also on the left on steep terrain >35 °; reached the saddle passing a few frames depending on the season, you continue skiing at the foot along the ridge E up to about 2950m.

The ridge is now sharper and can be followed entirely by rocks, or moving further south on a steep snowy slope.

Then always over rocks and a small alpine passage (II) you reach the summit. ## Descent For the ascent route, or if conditions permit, you can descend several steep slopes directly from the moraine of Vedret de Verchenca to the basin of Sancia.

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