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[img=125525 right]Normal voice of the Grand Paradis[/img] ## Ascent to the Vittorio Emanuele II Refuge From the Pont car park cross the wooden bridge over the Savara stream (if the cross-country ski trail is still accessible, cross the upstream stream), follow the forest road to a fork, take the left turn and continue until it turns into a path (yellow trail no.

1), follow it faithfully until you reach the refuge. [img=264718 right]Grand Paradis voie normale depuis Pont (Valsavarenche)[/img] ## Climbing From the refuge you first head towards the N and then head towards the E and surround the rocky spur above the refuge and reassemble the rocky amphitheatre leaving the straight moraine on the right, at the end you rise in the SE direction on a steep slope, When the slope softens, turn left in the direction of the E and climb another slope, less steep than the previous one, until you reach the crossroads of the Laveciau Glacier on the left, from which the itinerary from the Chabod Refuge climbs. Continue rising on the steep slope to the right of the huge evening sky until you reach the Becca di Montcorvè, from here, in the direction of the N, for gentler slopes you go up towards the top. Pass the terminal crevasse and go to the base of the final rocks.

On foot you can walk the last 20 meters of rocky ridge, sharp and exposed (spit in place) to get to the Madonnina peak. The peak with the Madonna (4058m) is not the summit 4061m, which is located more to the N. ## Descent Along the uphill route to the Vittorio Emanuele II Refuge, from here, with sufficient snow, you descend into the valley below the Moncorvè Glacier as far as possible, at an altitude of about 2350 m a bridge allows you to cross the stream and, passing near the ruins of a mountain pasture, climb up to resume the path leading to the refuge.

## Downhill skiing variant From the hut, put your skins back on and climb up to the 2940-metre-high collar at the base of the NW spur of Ciarforon (approx.

200 m difference in height).

From here, cross in the direction of S, losing as little altitude as possible until the base of the NW spur of Becca di Monciair.

Descend into the valley of the Grand Etrét (Seyva) through a narrow and steep canal, being careful to leave a rocky jump on the left.

Descend the valley, now to the right, now to the left of the stream.

From an altitude of 2100 down is an adventure, through a stream, dense forest and fords, but everything is part of the game. ## Descent to Chabod Refuge [For the Laveciau Glacier](<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._