A long run with lots of different conditions. Something for everyone. Best in the morning.


Analysing terrain data








Leaving the lift immediately to your left and following the left crest of the hill into the great undulating first section.

It's more fun the more carved out it gets.

Keeping generally to the right, staying above the restaurant.

Now following to the left and crossing over 12 to the right and following this direction for around 600m.

It normally holds snow well and this whole section has awesome character.

There's opportunity for high speed here with a wide ending- a great piste for carving.

After a few long turns head left under the lift, keeping your highest line.

Heading to the far left will bring you into dangerous terrain.

Around 100m ahead you will cross 13a and head in the direction of the mountain you face, maintaining speed as much as possible.

Then heading right, the valley splits so keep to the left side of the left crest.

There's usually awesome snow here.

As you enter the final stage, follow to the left of the valley and with two more turns you are at Arlenmähderbahn.