A double black diamond that's for serious experts only.









Vertigo Headwall is for experts only.

Do not attempt this if you are unsure.

There are several ways to access this location.

The most direct way is to take the Needle’s Eye Express Quad and exit to the right and enter through the gate to skier’s right.

You can also get to Vertigo Headwall via Launchpad from the Superstar Express Quad, or the Skyeship Gondola Stage II to Skye Lark to Launchpad.

The headwall is almost always EXTREMELY icy and closed.

If open, you can tell what the conditions by riding the Needle’s Eye Express Quad up and hearing scraping or silence.

On a powder day, this is something to hit early on if you are in the Needle’s Eye area, which is recommended.

The pitch here is as steep as Ovation (lower) or even a bit steeper.

It is not very long.

Any line on the headwall is good, just watch out for exposed rocks and ice.

This trail gets varied light.

A great expert run when it's open.