A fast XC trail network on the banks of Lake Nockamixon.


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Built along the shore of Lake Nockamixon, this trail system is less than two hours from both NYC and Philadelphia.

Affectionately referred to by the locals as "Nox," this series of stacked loops is fast, flowy, and perfect for singlespeeders.

While there are no major climbs, the trail is a roller coaster ride through ravines, washes, and bench cuts flanking the shore.

The hard-packed clay and sand soil composition makes this trail incredibly fast when dry, but un-passable when wet.

After rain, be sure to give adequate time to dry and during the winter, know that the trail is typically closed.

In the summer, take the opportunity to cool off in the lake after a hot ride. The trail network can be divided into two sections, the north and south loops.

The north side is smooth, fast, and relatively free of rocks and roots.

In contrast, the south side is riddled with steeper descents through gullies and winding trail to test your cornering skills.

All trails are two-way and most do not have a preferred direction. For some post-ride grub, options are limited.

Follow Mountain View drive southwest past the state park office.

At the intersection with Old Bethlehem Road, look for a quaint tavern to the right with plenty of food and drink options. Sources: http://www.ridenox.com/