A tour through Graham Hills County Park.


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The historic Graham Hills Park is the premier mountain biking destination near New York City.

Less than an hour from Manhattan, this 431-acre park is one of only three county parks in Westchester County open to mountain bikes. Named after the Revolutionary War army surgeon Dr.

Isaac Gilbert Graham, at one point the site was even home to a train station for the Putnam Railroad.

Today, its home to a diverse network of trail, lined with rock rolls, optional lines, and fast flow.

Cardio-inducing climbs are balanced with fun, technical descents. Without double-backing, this is one of the best options for a loop through Graham Hills County Park.

Beginning at the parking lot along Bedford Road, Look for marker "2" and follow the pink trail out.

A bridge leads over a stream and towards the entrance of "Disneyland" then into "Updraft".

A climb lies ahead, though the rolling and winding terrain make it easy to hold a rhythm. Continuing straight through the intersection, you'll abilities will tested with a challenging off-camber 300' descent down "Motorcycle".

To shorten the loop or for some extra cardio, keep right and follow tumbleweed back to the bottom of blue. No matter your choice, the blue trail follows the southern perimeter of the park and leads you back to to the trailhead.

Finish your ride by crossing over one of the bridges on any of the pink trails and don't be afraid to head out for more.

You've just sampled the park's best offerings, leaving plenty more to explore next time. Sources: https://parks.westchestergov.com/graham-hills-park https://ride914.com/local-trails-rides/graham-hills-park/