A phenemonal day hike or overnight trip to a historic fire tower and serene lake.


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This hike has a little to offer to everyone.

At 5 miles round trip, you can enjoy the beautiful views and rich history atop Overlook Mountain.

For a longer hike, opt to continue to Echo Lake, where you'll be welcomed by resident beavers plus beautiful overnight camping spots and a lean-to shelter. This hike begins at the trailhead along Meads Mountain Road, across from the Buddhist Temple.

Hikethehudsonvalley.com says it "...looks like it was ripped off a Tibetan mountainside and plunked down here in Woodstock." According to a press release in early 2018, an additional trailhead was completed nearby and serves as overflow due to the popularity of the area.

A new trail now connects the two lots and offers two additional overnight camping options.

This route predominately follows an old two-track, which leads to the remnants of a hotel and ranger station on Overlook Mountain.

Explore the rich history trapped in the ruins and climb the fire tower for a spectacular vantage point of the Hudson Valley and surrounding Catskills.

For an added bonus, a spur trail leads to an exposed overlook and doubles as an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy the view.

Many hikers turn around at the fire tower, unaware of this hidden gem. From here, you could either retrace your steps to the parking lot or continue onto Echo Lake.

Nestled along the southern base of Plattekill Mountain, you will find the lean-to shelter and additional primitive sites allowing for plenty of overnight opportunities.

In the summer, this area is quite popular, so get there early to reserve the best spot.

Fire rings can also be found, and the resident beavers have been known to leave plenty of kindling in their wake. Sources: https://www.nynjtc.org/destination/echo-lake#dialog-destination-overview https://www.dailyfreeman.com/news/new-trails-parking-area-open-on-overlook-mountain-in-woodstock/article_e903165c-afe6-565d-84ad-4e1b5742abc4.html https://hikethehudsonvalley.com/hikes/overlook-mountain/