Steep and challenging.


Analysing terrain data








The Wall is a super short, yet steep and challenging, bump-littered run located just off the skier's right-hand side of Gunbarrel.

This double black diamond starts steep and ends steep.

Peering over the edge of this run will get even the most advanced expert skiers blood flowing, as the sea of moguls stretches from top to bottom and, although the trail is wide, there seems to be no escape from the moguls, and that is because there isn't.

Drop down the middle, tackling the big moguls, eyes set on the run out into Kandahar, but beware of the small rock feature in the middle that sometimes has thin coverage.

Stay skier's right or left.

Dropping in from the top of the skier's right or left allows you to mix up your line and flirt with the pines and aspens as you descend equally large bumps to the bottom.