An often-untracked steep glade in Silver Basin.









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SE King Left #2 is an often-untracked steep glade in Silver Basin.

The name is used only by the ski patrol in avalanche control, and rarely referred to as such.

Most people prefer not to refer to it, and simply keep it a secret as the short face at the bottom of this slope often holds powder snow days after a storm.

The trick with this run is finding it.

New trees have obscured the entrance from the top.

Access from the left side of SE King Left, wiggle your way through the trees, avoid the more obvious entrance to Divider Chute and continue traversing left until you reach a steep, open glade.

A tree island divides the lower face.

Milk the edges of the trees for the deepest snow.

The far skier's left side of the steep glade often holds snow the longest.

At the bottom, work your way right towards the Judges Knoll for the easiest way back to the ski area.

Otherwise, follow the gradient through the mature timber, avoiding flat spots (especially if you're a snowboarder) and watch out for deep tree wells, eventually reaching a groomed outrun.

Follow back to Quicksilver run.