Black racing trail with a double fall line.


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Highline is a black diamond that is a premier racing trail at Killington.

This trail is open in the early season for race teams to train and compete on.

Because of this, it is often closed to the public.

To access this location, you will need to take the Snowdon Triple from the base or take Great Northern from the peak all the way down to Highline.

The Snowdon Triple is a long and extremely slow ride up.

So, prepare for that.

Exit the lift to the left and continue out of the unloading area.

Proceed through the top area which is flat and then go straight to MTS.

DO NOT take Mouse Run as it is too low off of Great Northern to access.

When you are on Great Northern, stay to the LEFT and be ready for a HARD TURN RIGHT on to Highline.

With all the heavy traffic on Great Northern, if you are not on skier’s right, you may easily miss the entrance since it come up quickly.

The entrance is tricky.

You enter on a narrow and flat section that quickly turns into a huge double fall line with a high slope on the left.

The entrance gets icy with all the traffic, so be prepared.

Whether you go up the left slope or continue on the flat trail in, either way you end up in the same place.

The left half of the trail is often groomed for racing.

There is a lot of snow-making on this trail as well.

The right half is un-groomed.

When groomed, it is a steep, black cruiser.

People tend to enjoy it most when it is all engulfed under the guns.

The whole trail is rugged with variable terrain and moguls of all sizes.

There are usually random bumps or rollers which are often used as jumps when approaching the bottom of the trail.

The bottom is very wide and merges with Cascade Runout, so beware of people coming through there from skier’s right.

This trail is usually in full sun except in late afternoons.

It's the perfect advanced trail for people looking for steep, wide and varied terrain.