A fantastic mountaineering trip thats great for both alpinists and skiers, featuring a 500m climb up the steep south-east couloir (Bernardi) in order to reach the Cristallo North notch and ski down the steep north couloir, which is a 1500m total descent.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



From Rio Gere, take the first chairflit to Rifugio Son Forca.

Now put the skins on and traverse under the big avalanche barrier to the right on steep and exposed terrain.

Keep traversing across the ridge line until you get to the bottom of the south-east couloir.

Put your skis on your backpack and follow the line to the top (Tip: you must only climb this couloir when the snow pack is consolidated and hard as you don't want to break trail on a deep trench and get exhausted before you’ve even begun to ski down).

The couloir you'll ski down on the north side is very steep but it's not too narrow and usually has very good snow.

Ski down the couloir and at the exit you will join the classic tour up to the Forcella del Cristallo - you will see the pass located on your right once you exit the couloir.

Now, follow the tracks down the valley in order to find the access into a short steep canyon that leads you down to Val Fonda (sometimes you may need to put skis on your backpack).

Ski down the valley keeping to the skier's right (there are usually lots of tracks from ski mountaineers), when it gets narrow you may have to cross the creek once or twice, this depends on the snow coverage.

When the valley evens out, go across a sort of canyon and then follow the cross country ski slope until you reach the Ploner hotel in Carbonin - here you can get a bus ride back to Cortina. It would be useful to have a rope in your backpack (around 30 metres long) just in case.