Gated terrain for experts only.


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Bingo Glades can be found at the very end of the Gent's Ridge traverse by staying high and to the right of the rope line instead of dropping into Jackpot.

These trees are designated as 'expert only' and are only open during exceptional storm cycles, where the lower mountain accumulates good snow.

These glades start with a tight, tiered entrance with various line choices.

The trees are tight here and executing well-made turns is important as the terrain is fairly steep.

As you continue working this section left to right from the gated entrance, the 700 vertical foot line will reveal itself as it turns back to the skier's left.

Here, you have a variety of choices; head further right and ski the rope line, ski fall line, or cut back to the left and drop the fall line.

Either way, the powder is plentiful here and the skiing excellent.

Beware of thin snow pack and enjoy using the natural features for airs on your way down toward through the trees.

You'll know you're nearing the end as the run widens and Silver Queen gondola comes into view.

Kleenex Corner will be visible straight ahead and above you and the town of Aspen is down to your right-hand side.

Proceed with care here so that you don't go smashing into the cat walk below.