A steep couloir on the Boot Spur side of Tuckerman Ravine


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Cathedral Gully is a technical couloir bound in dramatic cliffs.

It’s tight, steep and rugged.

It’s easy to recognize dud to its C-shape and the massive pyramid shaped buttress to lookers left of it.

There are 2 ways to access Cathedral, by climbing the runout directly below it, or by climbing Hillman’s and hiking across.

If you choose to hike over, make sure you have scoped it from below.

To hike from the bottom, begin hiking Hillman’s Highway until you see a gully split off to the far lookers left of Doges Drop.

Ascend the main drainage gully until you reach the base of the couloir.

Be aware that this approach exposes you to avalanche paths and plan your route accordingly, stay to the sides and leave some space between you and your partner.

Cathedral ascends to the left and Stovepipe ascends to the right.

Once you drop in, Cathedral is full on.

Stay on your toes and negotiate this line carefully, a fall here would be very costly.

Halfway through, the chute bends and the run out comes back into view.

Once you exit Cathedral Gully you can enjoy the fresh snow in the run out.

Exit back out to Hillman’s.

Cathedral Gully usually melts out in mid-April so if you plan to ski it, it is best to go earlier in the season.