A magnificent long but narrow green run through the larch forest.









If you like long but narrow green runs this is the best the resort has to offer.

At almost 7 km long this run (that's a dirt road in the summer) snakes its way down through the larch forest.

It's brilliant for kids who have mastered the snow plough and want to take on their next challenge.

It's a great run for getting the miles under their skis and as they grow in confidence; they'll love the endless bumps, jumps and short cuts at the edge of the piste.

A word of warning, though - for adults who haven't yet mastered parallel turns and are still in snowplough- this run can be a nightmare on the knees.

For advanced and expert skiers there is a multitude of off-piste possibilities through the trees but finding the route isn't always obvious.

As good as this run is, being narrow and gentle it isn't great on a snowboard.

One word of warning - look out for people on toboggans - the Deval Bob toboggan run crosses this piste at times.