A narrow gully surrounded by thick timber.









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Brand Y is a narrow gully surrounded by thick timber.

This steep run only gets good on big snow years.

It is low elevation, and since it is true backcountry, it is also overgrown.

The hardest part is finding this chute; see access description.

The top of Brand Y is the widest spot.

In some spots, the run is a slanted side hill and at other times it is shaped more like a narrow half-pipe.

This is when Brand Y is at its best.

Bank turns of the sides of this gully and find air off small stumps and other obstacles.

When the snow is deep, it only takes two tracks to completely ski this chute up.

The gully continues to narrow as it veers slightly left and then right again.

In the summer, a small waterfall runs through the center of this gully.

Watch out for this feature during low snow conditions.

Find the summer trail at the bottom to return to lower Northway parking lot where you hopefully parked a shuttle car.

Otherwise you have to walk to the road and thumb a ride back to the ski area (which is a mile away).