A challenging variation off Trail 90 on Silverado









FATMAP difficulty grade



Fatal Attraction is a steep zone off Billy's and Trail 90 on the Silverado chair.

Follow the directions to Trail 90 and Jake's.

You need to be a solid black skier who can handle steeps and negotiate around rocks etc., to have fun on this trail.

It's best to go with someone who knows the area well for your first few times.

Pay attention to the rock and cliff warning signs and to any directional arrows.

Look for the first gate in the ski area boundary on your left as you come down Trail 90.

Drop into Jake's and follow this large chute/gully down and look to your left and ski into Billy's.

As you head down Billy's bear left again below the cliff band and enter Fatal Attraction.

Be careful at the bottom as the creek may or may not be filled in.

Stay left at the creek and bear right when you cross the creek to hook up with Oregon Trail or Land Bridge to reach the bottom of Silverado.

Silverado chair is a long, slow, triple chair.

Silverado doesn't open until there is a fair amount of snow because of the very rocky terrain that needs to get covered with snow to make it passable.

It is not open as often as Trail 90.