Scenic hike through Malibu Creek State Park to the filming location of a famous TV show.


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Malibu Creek State Park is a large, mountainous open space in between LA and Thousand Oaks.

It has many miles of hiking and biking trails, a few swimming holes, good rock climbing, wildflowers, and lots of wildlife, but one of the things it’s most famous for is the outdoor set of the TV show M*A*S*H.

This acclaimed comedy-drama about American medics in the Korean War aired from 1972-1983.

It was one of the most successful productions on television at the time, and it still retains many fans. One of the show’s main filming locations was a field among the hills outside Malibu.

The set mimicked an army camp with period vehicles, weapons, tents, and other structures.

When the show ended, some of the set was left in place as an outdoor museum of the show, and as an interesting juxtaposition with surrounding nature. Today, you can see a few old trucks aging with dignity against a backdrop of craggy hills and oak woodlands.

There is also a shade structure, a rebuilt signpost from the show, and a few other interesting exhibits at the site.

It is located along Crags Road, one of the main trails in Malibu Creek State Park.

The most popular trailhead is from the main parking area (mapped), but you can also get to it from trailheads along Mulholland Highway. The journey to the TV set features a lot of spectacular nature along the way.

It travels through fields and forests of Malibu Creek Canyon.

You’ll find plentiful shade among oaks and sycamores near the creek, and open views of surrounding peaks from swaths of grassland.

You’ll pass the calm water of Century Reservoir, which makes a good swimming hole on a hot day.

An even better place for a swim can be found with a short detour to Rock Pool, a natural pool in Malibu Creek. Note: Malibu Creek State Park suffered severe damage from the 2018 Woolsey Fire.

Some facilities and areas of the park may still be closed.

Before visiting, inquire with the park office about current conditions. Sources:*A*S*H_(TV_series)