Isolated tree skiing with huge potential.









Werner Chute requires some local knowledge to find and time correctly.

The way in starts at the entrance to Lorelei.

From there, continue to the far left, parallel to Bambi.

There’s a rope at the official entrance, which also serves as the entrance to its neighbours: Werner Trib, R & R.

and Pierre’s.

This area is open for limited hours, so it pays to ask a patroller when or if it will open.

If you get in on a powder day, particularly if you're close to opening time, you’ve scored big.

This place has the goods.

The area is heavily treed, with some mini cliffs in the upper parts that you should avoid.

Werner and the others dump into the middle of Longhorn, where help is still a long way off if something happens.

Ski it with a partner.

You must return to the base area if you take Werner or the other three.