After snowfall, this is one of the most popular off-piste runs in Cortina d'Ampezzo.









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One of the most popular off-piste runs in Cortina - a great open slope above the village.

This is the perfect run for showing off and it used to be the a practise run for aspiring skiers that wanted to join the prestigious Ski 18 Club.

It's a run that the locals track after the snowfall as it faces west but having said that you need to be careful after a big snowfall, as some of the steeper drop ins, beside the classic start, are pretty steep and you could easily trigger an avalanche.

From the top of cable car station of Monte Faloria, jump on the "Tondi" pommer lift.

Once at the top, ski down two thirds of the slope back towards the big gondola, you'll pass a big antenna on the skier's left.

Get across the lift and follow the ridge line until you find a little couloir that takes you to an old building right under the ridge (this building was built in the 90s for the movie ‘Cliffhanger’).

This is the classic drop-in but there are many options along the ridge - dropping into steep couloirs (but be sure to check snow stability!).

The entrance is a bit narrow and steep, but soon you get out to open terrain.

Ski down the field for 300 metres, staying on the skier's right, and look for the exit of the couloir on the right (there is a summer path), a steep section in the trees will be followed by a traverse to the right under the rock face, which will take you to the easy field above the Faloria cable car mid-station in Mandres. When there is very good snow cover, it is possible to ski all the way down, passing the Baita Fraina restaurant and further down the road in Zuel.

You can get back to the ski lifts by bus or taxi.