A beautifully shaped red run that is ruined by the crowds.


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Legend has it that this piste once got good back in 1983.

Actually that can’t be true as it was only created for the Club Med, which opened in 2002.

This piste suffers from there being just too many people using it.

It may not always feel crowded but it is the main piste down to the Club Med and the rest of Villeneuve from the busy Fréjus sector, so inevitably it gets busy during peak times and the snow quality suffers.

Regularly topped up with cannon snow, it gets hard-packed very easily and then gets sugary late in the day, particularly late in the season.

Major work has recently been done to the troublesome section above the Pontillas gondola and widening the piste has improved it.

There’s also the issue of the green piste (Route Fréjus) and the skiers on that piste crossing it every now and again.

It’s a shame as the piste is beautifully crafted and if you happen to get it empty and well-groomed (try first thing in the morning) then it can be magic.