Beautiful and accessible summit surrounded by fantastic ski terrain.


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At 755 meters above sea level, Torskmannen isn’t the mightiest of mountains.

Nonetheless, it is one of Lofoten’s finest ski mountaineering peaks.

An elegant and impressive summit, it is however very accessible and straight forward to climb and ski.

From the summit of Torskmannen the views across the neighboring fiords are simply breathtaking and Torskmannen’s bowls can often hold good powder when it is in short supply elsewhere.

Fit teams will be able link Torskmannen up with neighboring Breitinden or Baken.

Torskmannen translates to ‘cod man’ and is a popular peak with both locals and visiting skiers alike.

It is normal to be able to ski car to car during the main touring season of March and April.

This is the beauty of skiing in Lofoten; beginning and ending your day at sea level.

Park close to the power plant located just after Vestpollen.

Follow the most logical skin track through a large marshy flat area and head north-west towards a small lake.

Take care with the line of ascent, some sections are steep and short passages can be avalanche prone.

Most teams opt to leave skis at the foot of the summit and continue up final short but steep (40-45 degree) slope on foot.

Crampons are usually required.

On the way down there are several lines to choose from and the best snow and ski lines can often be found far skier’s right side down ridges and gullies converging into the tree line.