Gladed run through burnt forest


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When the snow is good, some of the best sub-alpine tree skiing can be found here, within the Crystal zone.

This gladed run takes you through the burnt trees, more thinned out at the top, courtesy of a forest fire.

This trail is similar in nature to Outer Limits, although less steep and slightly longer in length.

Both trails drop you off on Blackcomb Glacier Road where you can quickly get back to the base of the Crystal Ridge Express or head lower down to the Excelerator Express.

A worthy choice when the snow is good and the conditions are stormy, as the trees will provide much more visibility than up top in the alpine.

However, if it hasn't snowed in awhile there are certainly more enjoyable options to be had.

Head down Ridge Runner off the Crystal Ridge Express and continue on past the wooden marked entrance to Outer Limits where you will find the less technically difficult Arthur's Choice on your right side.